Any sort of musculoskeletal pain irrespective of the origin is treated by chiropractors. You might have twisted your ankle or would have slept in the wrong position in the bed or your posture while sitting would have caused you issues, no matter what, we are always here to help you out and make sure that the results are effective for a long time. The treatment methods for each type of pain will be different, chiropractic treatment provides,

  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Adjustments
  • Joint bracing/taping
  • Exercises and stretches

Soft tissue treatment is given to assist with loosening up close muscles, discharge strain in the fascia(a connective tissue encompassing each muscle), and assist with easing fits.

Adjustments are given to rejoin and realign the joints in this manner expanding adaptability and scope of movement

Joint propping/taping is done to keep the skewed bones set up as a help to the hyper-extended joints and muscles during the mending system.

Exercises and stretches are done to reestablish and keep up with versatility and scope of movement in the joints and muscles.

In addition to this, chiropractors also provide referrals and experts in medicine to help you through your journey of recovery by helping you follow the right dietary practices and nutrition. This not only promotes weight loss but also helps reduce inflammation.

What Should I Anticipate When I Visit A Chiropractor?

The first thing that chiropractors do is evaluate your condition based on your medical history and your current physical condition. To understand the issue with more accuracy one might be asked to go through a series of tests such as X-rays, Computed tomography scans, Magnetic resonance imaging scans.

X-rays are taken to visualize the internal structures by using small amounts of electromagnetic radiation.

Computed Tomography Scans utilize X-beams to make more point-by-point pictures of the inward design of the body.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans create photos of the body by utilizing radio waves and solid attractive fields.

The treatment plan will be based on a careful evaluation of your condition, the symptoms, examination of the conditions, and the outcome of the test results. Once the symptoms are identified, your practitioner will apply gentle controlled pressure on the joints by using their hands or small instruments.

Other therapies that chiropractors recommend their patients are dietary advice and nutrition charts and general health tips, electrical simulations on the muscles using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators(TENS), apply heat or icing therapy, stretches, and exercises to relax muscles and massages to manage and relieve stress.

What Are The Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments And Are There Any Risks That Are Associated With It?

Chiropractors treat and reduce pains arising due to

Migraines and neck related headaches

Spinal injuries

Neck injuries

Issues in the joints of arms, legs, and shoulders


Associated Risks

One may feel sore and tired after the session whereas some even experience headaches. Serious complications occur in very rare cases or when chiropractic treatment is performed by untrained practitioners. Some of the risks are pinched nerves, herniated discs, and strokes. To avoid such situations, get treated by experienced hands.

How Mygenesis Health Clinic Assist in treating Pain?

We provide world-class chiropractic treatment for our patients and those who have witnessed our methods are testimonials to our service. We keep up with the times by upgrading our policies and methods of treatments to provide the safest, most comfortable, and most effective options. With our best overseers, we treat your wounds and assist you with accomplishing generally speaking wellbeing and health.

Restorative activities are prescribed to our patients to reinforce and address the anomalies that might be causing torment. Regular exercises can increase the mobility and flexibility of the injured part. The exercises recommended should be performed exactly as told by the specialist and do not exert too much pressure or strain while doing so.

Opioids are one of the most effective ways to treat pain and the widely recommended pain relief for any musculoskeletal condition is Tramadol. The drug works by blocking the pain signals from being sent to the brain thereby producing an effect that relieves one of the torment.

It is a narcotic medication and as much as the benefits there are also possible risks associated with using the medication for a long time. It is a controlled substance and caution should be exercised regarding the usage of the medication.

Unmonitored Tramadol usage can lead to respiratory depression, nausea, anxiety, nervousness, and hallucination. To avoid such unfavorable circumstances take the drug as per the dosage regimen recommended by your physician. If you have been recommended any other drugs during this period, tell your doctor as Tramadol has the potential to interact with other medications. One should take Tramadol only until the pain subsides and no longer than that due to the risk of developing an addiction.

The medication comes along with a guide. Go through the contents carefully and in case of queries or clarifications, seek medical guidance.

For those experiencing an intense amount of pain after an automobile accident or after surgery, Tramadol is recommended to subside the pain until the wound heals. Chiropractic treatments are started only after a while.

Tramadol has been proved to be a safe and effective medication for treating spinal and neck pain. For back pain, the medication is prescribed for about 4-12 weeks.

Initially, the patient may experience pain when undergoing treatment, under such circumstances, Tramadol is administered during the beginning of the session after which the adjustments are begun.