Chiropractic treatment involves 3 stages of care namely relief care, corrective care, and wellness care. Relief care focuses on pain relief, pain reduction and significantly minimizing other discomforts. The primary focus of this stage is to provide symptomatic relief. The second stage known as corrective care focuses on healing the damaged tissues and restoring the function back to normal. The last stage is wellness care which aims to provide treatment in such a way that the previous symptoms or pain do not occur in the future.  It also helps prevent the degenerative spinal process from happening again.

  • Relief Care
  • Corrective Care
  • Wellness Care

Relief Care:

This is the first stage in Chiropractic care. The goal that the doctor aims to achieve during this stage is to provide the patient relief from the symptoms of pain that they are experiencing. The mode of treatment administered vastly focuses on effective pain reaction and relieving discomforts associated with the pain. It is made sure that after the completion of the treatment the patient can effectively return back to living their daily life and performing their daily activities without any strain. Patients are advised to perform minimal physical activity and not overwork to ensure mobility and functionality until they can get back to normal. Physical exercises during the recovery period should not cause any damage to the tissue or encourage further injury. During this stage, therapies for inflammation and muscle spasms are also made use of.

Corrective Care:

Once the restorative process is done to ensure proper motion and position of the spinal bones, the next step involves correcting the structure of the spine. During this stage, the entire focus is on the curvature of the spine. How does one know that the spine is not in the right shape? Indeed, when you look from afar there ought to be three unmistakable bends; forward in the neck, in reverse in the mid-back, and forward in the low back. Any deviation apart from this structure means that it is not normal and additional care and exercise are required, failing to do so can disrupt the effective functioning of your nervous system causing pains in the neck and back, sciatica, headaches, and various other issues. This is what affects the overall health of the person.

The chiropractor will take an X-ray of your spine and start the treatment procedures depending on your condition.

Wellness care:

The last stage of treatment involves providing wellness care to our patients and focusing entirely on the effective functioning of the body. The doctors once they have done their part will allow the body to undergo innate healing as it is supposed to. Wellness care is all about making sure that the treatment is effective through the end by making sure that proper exercise and diet are followed by the patients.

If you experience any sort of pain in the neck or back, go to a chiropractor immediately to get treated as the worsening of the condition can become a real headache. Maintaining a healthy nervous system will boost up your immunity and make you stronger.