Spine is complicated and a structure that has numerous associated muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves. Most of us are working from home, use mobile phones for a longer duration and needless to say, our posture has gone for a toss since the pandemic. We get minimal rest and our spine almost gets none. So, there is all the possibility in the world for it to be irritated and hence easily injured. In addition to this, mental stress, lack of exercise and insufficient nutritional dose makes way for accumulated strain to attack the spine with a devastating effect.


Understanding the spine is a huge mission in itself. It requires an understanding that normal people couldn’t. But the chiropractors know it thoroughly. They can answer anything about it and somehow magically can even see through what’s going on in your spine and where there is stiffness and what’s the reason behind it. They have these miraculous hands that can do all the trick for you, to give permanent relief from the pain. That’s how they obtain extraordinary results with the help of a variety of conditions.


Can painkillers do enough? No. It cannot and even if they do, that’s not permanent and only could lead to an even worse state. Doctors of chiropractic are the health care leaders in providing safe, fast and effective relief for most spinal problems. And we have the best chiropractors at mygenesis health clinic .They have proved themselves and have earned people’s trust in becoming the leaders of healthcare, when it comes to providing relief in such complicated structures.

Mygenesis provides you the best treatment as we take the best care of our clients.If you know anyone suffering from a long term spine pain recommend our service. We have easy and hassle-free methods of booking appointments via our online forms.


A research paper authored by Hurwitz EL studied the impact created by chiropractic doctors when compared to medical doctors during the management of low back pain and made the following observations

  1. At least, chiropractic treatment was proven to be equally effective as that of medically managing back pain.
  2. Patients who went to the chiropractic doctors said that they felt the treatment successful, as compared to that of the patients of medical doctors.


**Reference – Hurwitz EL. The relative impact of chiropractic vs. medical management of low back pain on health status in a multispecialty group practice. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1994 Feb;17(2):74-82. PMID: 8169546.