Acupuncture is an age old practice invented by the Chinese in order to give a permanent relief from pain. The acupuncturist is the one who performs the process (Acupuncture) and the method involves insertion of very fine needles in your strategic points. The strategic points induce the natural painkillers that is being produced in your body in order to treat the excruciating pain that you are going through. These natural painkillers are called as endorphins and they have the ability to curb pain, resulting in a non problematic, free and relaxed body. The very fine needles help you in balancing your energy better. These energy points are called as the ‘qi’ or ‘chi’.

There are many researches to prove that acupuncture is very effective in terms of dental pain. There is also enough proof to suggest that acupuncture is helpful to people while taking cancer treatment, experiencing nausea after chemotherapy. There are also researches going through to find if Acupuncture can help you quit smoking. Acupuncture can also be relied upon if you are recovering from heart attacks and strokes.

When it comes to the safety of acupuncture, it is considered generally safe as long as it is done by a well trained and experienced acupuncturist with very fine and sterilized needles. However if its not carried out in the proper way and if it involves some kind of a wrong procedure or an unsterilized equipment, in that case a side effect or two might be developed. So, its always best to for a place that does that. Genesis health clinic is such a place where you can trust, as sterilization is done right in front of your eyes, so there is no doubt in the receiver’s end.

About the effectiveness of an acupuncture treatment, there are researches underway about the exact effect that acupuncture provides and what all it can treat. However there is a list of conditions that acupuncture could help you in getting relief from.

  1. Arthritis
  2. Knee pain
  3. Menstrual cramps
  4. Sports injuries
  5. Headaches including migraines
  6. Back pain, neck pain and other muscle tensions.
  7. Pregnancy discomfort
  8. Overuse syndrome
  9. Irritable bowel syndrome

The list of treatments that acupuncture could help with is not just limited to the list, but much more. Women go through menopause in their 40s and 50s and acupuncture proves very effective during that. Women during their menopause usually have to go through extreme mood swings and excruciating pain and genesis health clinic can help you with that especially.

Here are a list of conditions that genesis health clinic can help you with, through acupuncture:

  1. Low back pain – Various studies conducted by different organizations in multiple years like 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012 studied the effect of acupuncture in helping you deal with lower back pain and made the following observations.
  2. Actual acupuncture is much more effective than stimulated acupuncture or no acupuncture at all.
  3. Intertwining acupuncture with proper health care proves to be very helpful than just the normal health care alone.
  4. Acupuncture does not take longer time to cure but does immediately.
  5. Neck pain – A German study said that adding acupuncture with normal care proves beyond successful. This study was large enough and involved more than 14 thousand individuals in the research. The people who received acupuncture treatment along with primary health care reported that they had better pain relief when compared to people who received no acupuncture treatment at all.
  6. Knee pain – A study was conducted in 2014 in Australia and it proved that laser and needle acupuncture proved better effective when it was compared with treatments involving no acupuncture at all. The participants which involved over 250 men and women received actual acupuncture and simulated acupuncture over 8 sittings.
  7. Headache – There was a 2012 study that involved various individuals who had migraine and various other tensions. With repeated sittings, it proved that actual acupuncture proved very effective when it comes to headaches like migraines, when compared to those who took treatments with simulated acupuncture or no acupuncture. There were other studies in different years to proving almost the same.

*simulated acupuncture – use of blunt retractable needles to not pierce the skin.