Paperwork Formalities

Once you enter our office, the patient is requested to wait in the lobby. Meanwhile, we will have you fill out the necessary paperwork. The paperwork lists the information about our care, treatment methods, and our facility. A detailed explanation of your condition and the appropriate treatment method will also be explained in an elaborate manner. The patients are asked to bring their insurance certificates along with them so that it makes it easier to verify their insurance coverage. The patients are requested to bring along any previous tests or diagnoses that they have undergone in the past 2-3yrs. This makes us provide efficient treatment by understanding the situation more closely and providing the appropriate diagnosis.


On completion of the paperwork formalities, you will be asked to visit your doctor to discuss your health issues, treatment, and any other concerns or queries that you might have regarding the treatment methods.


Your doctor will enquire about your previous medical history, about your condition, and ask you about the symptoms or any other out-of-the-world feelings if you are experiencing any. These questions related to your condition will help them understand the underlying cause and also determine to an extent the amount of tissue damage that one might have sustained.

 X-ray Studies

X-rays and MRIs are yet another way by which the chiropractor understands your issue more closely. Studying the x-rays can help them eliminate whether you have a serious condition or determine you have one. With the results from the x-ray, your doctor will draft an appropriate treatment plan. These tests are done in the nearby facility or the patients have the right to choose one of their choices.

Same Day Treatment

Once all the analysis and determination of the condition are done, your doctor may proceed to start your treatment on the same day. The therapy includes treatment of the spine, physical, and soft tissue therapy.

Home Instructions

For the second part of the treatment, the patients are given instructions on what should be done after they get home. Instructions on certain activities on how they should be done at home will be made clear by your doctor including the application of heat or ice, avoiding activities like sleeping in certain positions, exercises stretching, etc.

 Schedule Your Appointment

You will be provided an appointment date and time on when you should after the first visit for a follow-up. Patients who followed the instructions carefully found an improvement of their condition just within a matter of 1-2days.  Further instructions for your treatment will be discussed during this time.