The Exercises are mentioned only for those patients who have been for regular visits to our facility for the treatment of their conditions. All the exercises recommended should be done the exact way as prescribed by their chiropractor specialist.

The neck and the back are the primary area of focus for chiropractic treatment and all exercises are directed towards the relieving and healing of the pain-causing conditions. Almost 80% of people suffer from neck and back ailments. These simple exercises can help eliminate such conditions in no time. Spare a few minutes of your day to perform them and be consistent in what you do. You will notice significant results once you start them.

The most efficient way to manage back pain is by means of a combination of cardiovascular and strengthening exercises along with chiropractic therapy. This set of exercises should be done with caution in those having a history of cardiovascular issues, to avoid any adverse effects they should consider the advice of their physician.

Based on the condition of the patient, your chiropractor may recommend certain exercises. For those experiencing only mild levels of discomfort, the choice of exercise is left up to them, to choose and do what they love.

The main aim of physical exercise is to reduce the stiffness in the muscles and make the movements more flexible and comfortable. When physical exercises are combined along with chiropractic therapy, healthy food, regular exercises aids in promoting a healthy lifestyle, improving muscle tone, and improving circulation of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body.

Simple Stretches For Back Pain:

The primary purpose of performing stretching exercises is to release muscle tension and stiffness thereby promoting elasticity and flexibility in all joints of the body. The main focus is of course on the spine. Take care to perform these exercises regularly and be consistent in what you do. Doing these exactly as per the advice of your chiropractor can effectively relieve pain and improve your mobility and flexibility.

As easy as it may sound, it is quite difficult to ease your tight muscles. You may feel quite an amount of pain when you start your exercise regimen. Your chiropractor may begin your regimen with a series of hands-on therapy to soothe the muscles before you begin to exert pressure on them. Avoid lifting heavy objects until the joints begin to move without strain. Likewise, avoid sudden movements or performing exercises with the intention that the more time you spend doing them the more quickly you will recover. Too much pressure on the joints can invariably cause long-term damage rather than curing it. Stretching exercises are known to have beneficial effects and there have been testimonials from patients who have cured pain in their lower right back, lower left-back, and other discomforts in the spinal region.


All exercises and information provided on the site are solely for use in patients who have been treated by specialists from our facility. Using the page as a reference and following the information on your own is the risk that is entirely up to the individual. Following these exercises without proper consultation and guidance can worsen your already existing condition.