Physical Therapy is commonly also called as the physiotherapy, which is considered as one of the most important allied health professions. It is carried out by professional physical therapists who encourage, take care and assist the recovery of a patient through various processes. A physical therapist usually educates themselves of the patient’s medical history, allergy, reactions towards various drugs, diagnosis, patient inference, prognosis, prevention of disease and so many other important elements and promote the patient’s health and wellness.

As a complimentary to medical advice, a physical therapist mainly concentrates on the administration and other aspects of the patient’s ultimate recovery. If you visit a physical therapist they give you medical advice and help you from top to bottom, on your road to recovery. They incorporate the patient’s additional services like the imaging services namely X rays, CT scans and such in the final sitting to address their needs and requirements based on your history, allergies, interactions to clear you off your last bit of struggle. They are also employed in the non patient care services like the health insurance, health policy and administration.

Genesis health clinic has a world renowned system of providing the best physical therapists as per your requirement to cater all the needs with reference to the patient’s customisation and conditions.

There is a myth that physical therapy isn’t given alone but is given as a kind of complimentary service alongside the original health care that’s been given. This is not true. Physical therapy can sometimes be give as the primary health care or sometimes could be given with conjunction with some other treatment method. In some countries like the United Kingdom, physical therapists is also authorized enough to provide medical prescriptions or medications to patients as per their requirement. So, a physical therapist doesn’t just have to work with a team of physicians and other health care experts, but can also work autonomously or individually.

The area of expertise in Genesis health clinic’s physical therapy wing is quite large. They are well experienced in treating various fields such as the following and many more:

  1. Rheumatology
  2. Ortho
  3. Paediatrics
  4. Older people / Geriatrics
  5. Women health
  6. Oncology
  7. Sports medicine
  8. Public health
  9. Pain
  10. Neurology
  11. Cardiopulmonary

What does physical therapy exactly do? Lets take an example of a patient A who has suffered from an accident or something of that sort. Patient A is facing difficulties in walking like before and thus would require some support and assistance to walk back normally. That is where the Physical Therapist comes into the picture. Physical therapists give the necessary push and training required for patient A to get back in their own feet.

Is this all that the Physical therapist does? Let’s say there is another patient B. They had recently undergone a surgery and they have some issues getting back to normal after the surgery is over and their recoveries well ahead. In this case, you will need the support and assistance of your physical therapists to get back to normal. However, your physical therapist needs to know your entire history of medical conditions and allergy reactions. Without knowing all these, it cannot be easy for PT to monitor your development medically.

Genesis health clinic is the best when it comes to this, as they have all your medical records collected safely, just in case we have to help you in such a time. You get this question, no question asked as your medical history is already waiting in our shelves. And we have the best experts to study your report properly.

The common problems that Genesis health clinic takes care of in treating through physical therapy, are as follows:

  1. Fractures
  2. Stroke
  3. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  4. Spinal cord injury
  5. Sports injury
  6. Arthritis
  7. Amputation

What is it that you can do in Genesis health clinic to find the most suitable physical therapist and thus have a positive overall experience?

  1. Ask questions to your physical therapist on all the doubts you have.
  2. Get to know about your health insurance cover before you start the therapy.
  3. Set specific goals with your physical therapist, in order to better yourself with pace.