Auto injuries are some very common type of injuries, that need proper care and attention. You would think that it is only important to consult a doctor and get an opinion, if the magnitude of the accident is quite big. However, what we don’t know is that we ought to consult the doctor, even if the auto injury is very small, even if its minuscule. That is because there are chances that there could be very small injury or complication inside and that might lead you into a very big issue in the future.

Are you just the first one to visit a chiropractor for your auto injury?

The research from the Insurance Research council, make a very good observation in one of their researches. It says that 1 in 3 of all insurance claims that’s been submitted because of a motor vehicle accident like a car crash visit a chiropractor for their betterment.

Why Genesis Health Clinic?

Genesis Health Clinic can exactly do the same for you. We help you with the required assistance and help you get back better with all the support you need. We have the best chiropractors who comes with years of experience in handling all such types of cases.

The best reason to visit Genesis Health Clinic for your treatment of MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) is because our chiropractors use manual therapy as a form of treatment along with chiropractic therapy, in order to treat the patients. This will give a smooth and speed recovery for the patients looking to be relieved from their state.

The manual therapy that the chiropractors in Genesis Health Clinic use involves various other types of therapy including the trigger point therapy, complimentary massage services, manual joints stretching and soft tissue therapy, to name a few among many such methods of treatment. Thus the innovative methods used in Genesis Health Clinic has proven to be successful over and over again.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident or suffered auto injuries and then step into Genesis Health Clinic, this is not just all that we do. The important steps alone are listed below.

  1. Spinal Manipulation: This is the main therapy that chiropractors excel in. They can do everything to help you with the realignment of your spine and thus give a permanent relief for your pain. Chiropractors have a special hand held tool with which they apply controlled force on your spine. Sometimes it can just be done with their hand.
  2. Massaging the muscles: Sometimes when you have been in a motor vehicle accident, the muscles are cramped and get sore. Chiropractors can massage your muscles in a way that the soreness goes away.
  3. Treatment for whiplash: The common type of injury after a car crash is a whiplash. This is something that happens because of the sudden jolt due to your head going up and down, during an accident. The severity of the injury ranges between little, mild and high. However, reducing the inflammation, if any is what is the primary help.
  4. Realigning the joints: This kind of treatment is very similar to that of the Spinal Manipulation Therapy, but the knowledge input involved is very different for both these parts of the body, as the composition of the body part differs.
  5. Working on reducing the pain: This is the main purpose of chiropractic therapy and it helps with the reduction of pain to the maximum. The reason behind the pain reduction is because chiropractors identify the root cause in order to cure it.

Genesis Health Clinic is an expert in all of the above and more. They are also very well trained and experienced to handle MVA in the most professional way.