Doctors of chiropractic are one of the most dedicated, safe and soundly effective ones when it comes to curing pains and complications in bodies. Their methods and techniques have been verified time and time again by not just scientific evaluations of chiropractic doctors but health professionals, representatives of federal government agencies and the common people who have been relieved of pain with all the efforts just from chiropractics.


In fact, chiropractics has endured and survived many trials based on various scientific processes and studies, when compared to the techniques used by medical doctors for the same health and fitness issue. The number of scientific proofs for techniques used by the medical doctors for the same complication, would be even lesser than the researches available for chiropractics. Even with all of these proofs coming through, and all that the chiropractics is capable of, there has been talks about it not being effective, safe or outright costly.


North Carolina’s Duke University professor of health policy and management – David M. Edy, M.D Ph.D., makes some very interesting observations. He makes a statement that says that only 15% of the processes carried out by medical intervention has solid proof or research to quote its effectiveness.


Paul G. Shekelle, who is the MD MPH of the RAND Corporation, which had committed itself to the research and analysis in the United States Armed Forces right from 1948 made a statement on ABC network’s esteemed show 20/20, where he said that a large amount of studies has gone through to support the work of chiropractors, while very little for other health care professionals including the physicians and neurosurgeons.

Proven Results:

The various studies that was done in order to prove the effectiveness of chiropractics are listed below:


  1. A research article done on the topic of community based study in the usage of chiropractics was authored by RH Brook and PG Shekelle in 2011. This was published in the American Journal for Public Health (AJPH). This article concluded with solid evidence that chiropractors can’t be ignored in delivering substantial health care with paramount significance. The significance typically varies with different geographical areas inside the United States.


  1. The research article written by E L Hurwitz, I D Coulter, A H Adams, B J Genovese, and P G Shekelle analyzed the use of chiropractics among common people between 1985 and 91 in North America and was published in the AJPH again. The research concluded that the estimates were almost twice the number of patients that had visited the same doctors, 15 years before the research was done. Another interesting finding said that 83% of the patients relied upon chiropractors for their spinal manipulative theory and the most sought out condition, where the chiropractors were trusted was to get enough care for musculoskeletal conditions of the neck and back.


  1. American college of physicians (ACP) journal published an article on how chiropractics is in the crossroads of mainstream medicine and alternative medicine was authored by William C. Meeker, DC, MPH and Scott Haldeman, DC, PhD, MD, FRCP© proved how chiropractics has recently begun to gain trust and has established itself as a proper medical profession. The article also goes on to say how chiropractics, of all the health care alternative medical professions, has taken big leaps and marched forward into public and private health systems. The article also says how the general public is happily content with chiropractors for certain issues.


While there are many such research articles to prove the same, the point is very clear on how much chiropractics is being trusted by the common public and has grown to become one of the most effective and cost effective methods for several health issues. Mygenesis offers the best chiropractic services providing the utmost information and knowledge to people.