Pain during periods is quite an unavoidable condition for most women. It can be of varying degrees from bearable to levels so intense that interferes with the daily activities and exercise of women. The menstrual pain is also referred to as dysmenorrhea, along with severe cramps can also cause headaches, back pain, gastrointestinal problems, and nausea. Though menstrual cramps and pain are inevitable, finding relief by means of natural and effective methods is always a most welcome solution.

 Most women do not prefer medication to help aid them to alleviate pain so the alternate option that they have switched to is massage therapy, acupuncture therapy, and chiropractic treatment as they provide a holistic approach to pain relief. As the motto of chiropractic treatment goes, a healthy spine is a foundation for a healthy body, the specialists in the field fix the spine, relieve pinched nerves and create a balanced internal environment in the body to help manage the pain effectively.


How Is Chiropractic Treatment More Efficient Than Modern Medicine?

The most preferred medication by women during the time who suffer from mild to moderate pain are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) drugs such as aspirin, painkillers, and ibuprofen. These drugs help relieve pain by reducing the intensity of the cramps during the time. Like all medications, the drugs should be taken only when it is unbearable for one to undergo the pain as prolonged usage can cause internal bleeding, gastric ulcers and users are at a higher risk of experiencing a heart attack.

 Some women relieve and treat extreme menstrual cramps by taking birth control pills. Though they are effective in relieving pain, the side effects that arise due to their usage are unavoidable. Using them in higher doses or for more than the required duration can result in n blood clots in the brain, lungs, legs, and heart thus increasing one risk of being vulnerable to a heart attack. The medications are also known to weaken the immune system.


Does Spinal Health Have A Connection To Menstrual Pain? 

The nervous system is responsible for carrying messages all across the body and relaying these messages to the brain. The entire body’s supply of nerves originates from the spine and the lower spine can be quite out of place which can lead to menstrual pain, cramps, and other unpleasant conditions that one might experience during the time. Due to its positioning, the nerves from the spine do not completely connect to the reproductive system and this can cause back pain. When there is the optimal blood supply to the entire body, the communication between the brain and body can be efficient and if not can be can cause such painful conditions. This is where Chiropractors play a role as they aim to restore the blood supply and ensure the even distribution of the nutrients to every nook and corner of the body.



What Are The Methods That Chiropractors Follow To Relieve Menstrual Pain?

Apart from chiropractic treatment massage therapy and acupuncture were also efficient to relieve menstrual cramps. When you go in to visit your chiropractor and address your issue of experiencing severe pain due to a menstrual condition, they perform spinal manipulation to correct the misaligned vertebrae to ensure proper and efficient communication without any interference. The drop-table spinal alignment technique is what is made use of by chiropractors to correct any vertebral subluxations or misalignments. This method adjusts the lumbosacral area. They do so by applying more gentler pressure and low-velocity movements. After one session of this, one might notice reduced back and abdominal pain, and lesser menstrual pains.

 Menstrual pains can also be reduced by means of a spinal adjustment. This is highly preferable as it not only eases menstrual cramps but also treats any other conditions related to the reproductive system too. It is an ideal way to overcome hot flashes, depression, and headaches that a woman might undergo during her menopause period. Spinal adjustments of this sort focus on the particular condition and it will be useful if this practice is undertaken on a regular basis by the patient for pain-free and peaceful physical health.

 Apart from undergoing chiropractic therapy, complementary treatments such as massages and an acupuncture session will also be offered to you. Undergoing massage therapy can help relieve tense muscles, cramps and improve blood flow throughout the body which in turn reduces the intensity of pain during the menstrual cycle. For those who seek pain relief by means of a safe and all-natural method, chiropractic treatment is the best option.