Why Do I Feel So Drained Out After A Chiropractic Session? 

Chiropractic treatment is the most beneficial and the best way to reduce back pains and relieve any sort of pain associated with your entire spinal system. Chiropractors aim to provide the best spinal treatments in order to ensure that you enjoy complete wellness. The only after-effect that you might feel after a chiropractic treatment is fatigue. They go away after a day or two. If you are new to this therapy, added to feeling tired you might have symptoms of flu. It is quite common and it is a result of what is known as toxic relief.

 Toxic relief may sound scary but is actually a positive result of effective chiropractic treatment. The toxins gathered in one’s body are released when the chiropractor adjusts and relieves the misalignments in the body and that is the reason why this happens. These expelled toxins are why one might be experiencing unpleasantness, it is good that you release these toxins from your body as they might have unnecessary effects if it stays in your system. The reason why regular chiropractic treatment can help.

 The exhaustion that you might feel after a chiropractic session is because the body needs time to adjust to the negative energy and the toxins in your body. These effects may go away in a few hours or within a day or two and the body regains its normal energy levels after which you may be able to perform your activities with ease. The symptoms that you might experience post chiropractic treatment are fatigue, tight muscles, headaches, and diarrhea.

 All these symptoms are because the body is new to such effects and therefore it needs time to process what’s happening and the nervous system requires to understand the working in order to provide an effective solution. With such levels of toxicity in the body, the optimal functioning of the nervous system might be disrupted and after a few of these sessions, your system will get used to the fact and you will no longer feel such exhaustion and fatigue after a session.


Do These Toxins Affect My Body? 

The human body works by sending signals to the brain and the nervous system in the spinal cord is responsible for this action. With excess amounts of toxins in the body, the message sending process is disrupted which results in spinal disruption. This is what decreases the energy levels and makes you feel like you’ve been drained out completely. It may take hrs, days, or even weeks to recover. However, you can be sure that you will recover and once you’ve recovered your energy levels will return to their natural state.

When undergoing chiropractic treatment the flow of energy is impeded and this causes a build-up of pressure within the nervous system when the pressure is released during spinal manipulation the flow of energy is again facilitated. Talk about all these things to your chiropractor before you undergo this treatment. It is quite natural that you experience such effects.

Apart from experiencing such minor inconvenience, this method can have benefits that exceed any non-natural methods of treatment. The symptoms of toxic relief can be effectively treated by natural means such as drinking plenty of water and keeping oneself properly hydrated. Consume small quantities of meals and do not skip your mealtime. The decreased level of food intake can help your body break down the food easily compared to heavy meals as it causes your digestive system to work harder.


Does Modafinil Help With Chiropractic Fatigue? 

Modafinil is an FDA-approved medication that is prescribed by physicians to treat those experiencing excessive sleepiness issues such as Narcolepsy. Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent and therefore its functions include keeping the user awake and active. The components of Modafinil are known to act on the central nervous system and the brain in areas where it is responsible for controlling sleep and wakefulness.

To answer the question posed above, yes Modafinil does help with chiropractic fatigue but not by treating it rather, it reduces the intensity of the fatigue. Some people are fit into a lifestyle where they cannot afford a day’s rest and must show up for work. For those people, Modafinil is a lifesaver. Though the pharmacological activities of Modafinil are unknown it is known to have an effective relief on those who have undergone neck and back chiropractic adjustments. Added to reducing the fatigue levels, Modafinil helped them focus on their work and perform their activities efficiently.