Chiropractic is a natural and effective way to treat spinal and neck issues. They do so by applying gentle controlled pressure on the area that has been affected thus treating those misaligned vertebrae effectively. Spinal manipulations help loosen up the joints and increase mobility that has been constricted when the person has met with an accident or due to any unfortunate circumstances. Chiropractic therapy aligns the displaced vertebrae and increases the blood flow by clearing the obstacles. By improving blood circulation the necessary nutrients that ought to be transported via the blood do not reach their destination which thereby undernourishes the spinal discs and reduces their density. These spinal discs are what act as shock absorbers in the vertebral column.

Among the various treatment options, most people preferred the chiropractic method as the relief that they felt lasted for a long time and there was no need to take any sort of medications. Studies have shown that 80% of patients preferred chiropractic treatment and the improvement was visibly shown within a matter of a few weeks. Within three months there were complete improvements and the patients were able to perform everyday activities with ease.

 Can I Take Prednisone When Under Chiropractic Therapy? 

Prednisone is a physician-endorsed medication that belongs to a category of drugs known as corticosteroids. Prednisone is available in various forms and can be taken as an injection, inhaler, or as a pill. Prednisone is known to reduce the efficient functioning of the immune system to reduce swelling, inflammation, and other sorts of allergic reactions. This medication is normally endorsed for patients who have gone through a kidney or an organ transplant with the goal that the body doesn’t reject the new organ.

 Taking prednisone while under chiropractic therapy is not recommended. Let us look into the reason,

During old age, a condition called Osteoporosis may start to kick in. Women are more susceptible to this condition. Osteoporosis is caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin D and calcium, and due to consumption of corticosteroids such as prednisone. Taking prednisone can decrease bone strength and if you are a constant user of the drug then you can be sure that Osteoporosis for you is just right around the corner!

 Osteoporosis poses a major risk to your spine and causes vertebral compression fractures. Long-term usage of the drug reduces bone density and makes you more susceptible to fractures in the spine. Chiropractors strictly advise their patients to avoid the consumption of prednisone as the foresight to avoid fracture while undergoing chiropractic therapy.

 Prednisone is good. It is an effective anti-inflammatory drug that is used for treating various conditions such as autoimmune diseases such as arthritis. Though it treats the required condition effectively, it is done so at the expense of bone health when taken for a longer duration than necessary.

Another headache that arises is the effect the drug has on osteoclasts. The components of the prednisone make the bones brittle by stifling the function of the bone-producing cells, this lessens bone density and decreases the body’s ability to produce calcium necessary for bone strength.

 Prednisone Increases The Risk Of Spinal Fracture During Chiropractic Therapy:

Corticosteroids also dull the and manage pain and people taking the drug also seek chiropractic treatment for the same reason. Special considerations are given for patients who have osteoporosis such as the pressure in the joints and the vertebrae being adjusted accordingly in areas where there are high possibilities of a bone fracture.  

 In addition to that, advice on lifestyle management such as consuming proper food and doing exercises are also given. The patients are asked to check-in for regular chiropractic follow-up treatment to ensure their well-being.


How Do I Know If I Need A Chiropractor?

A discomfort in the spinal region is not easily missed. It is characterized by severe pain, and difficulty in performing activities such as bending, sitting, or walking. Under such circumstances seek immediate help and the most appropriate one would be from a chiropractor. The specialists will analyze the condition responsible for the pain. If the pain is due to bone damage because of increased prednisone usage, treatment will be provided accordingly.

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